Lamb Holm Half Round Necklet


Inspired by the Italian Chapel, which was built as a place of worship by Italian POW’s who were housed on Lamb Holm during WW2, while they built the Churchill Barriers. The chapel was built using scrap material and still stands as a memorial to man’s faith, ingenuity and hope for peace in times of war. The Lamb Holm Collection reflects the fine hand wrought decorative railings in the interior of the Chapel.



Product Specification

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 23mm x 15mm

Variations: Amethyst (purple), Carnelian (orange), Carnelian (red), Iolite (blue/purple), Onyx (black), Peridot (green), Topaz (light blue) and Topaz (sky blue)

Supplied fitted on an 18″ chain

If you wish to enquire about purchasing this item in Yellow, White or Rose Gold (9ct or 18ct), Palladium or Platinum – please message us via our contact form and we will give you a price and estimated delivery date.


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